October Art Challenges!

In my continuing quest to overextend myself and learn to squeeze more good juice out of my time, I'm doing two separate art challenges this October. Well, conceptually separate, at least-for the most part they'll result in a single piece to two sets of restrictions..but I digress. The two challenges are:



Started by excellent ink artist Jake Parker as a personal goal challenge, Inktober is now an annual challenge worldwide, with tons of people drawing something in ink every day of the month and posting it online for the world to see. Check out the official deets here.

My version of the challenge is specific: traditional media only, using no pencils for underdrawing and no erasing (I see you trying to sneak in there, erasable pen-getouttahere!). I'm also trying to use some things I don't often break out, like inking with a brush directly. It's a lot of fun, and since it's daily, I can stop being too precious about it.



This one is very simple, and I believe it goes under different names like "Drawoween" and "Artoween". It's just a Halloween-themed drawing every day of October, and a more finished or more elaborate piece on the holiday itself. Also being shared online worldwide by people. Isn't it great for me that it's my favorite holiday and that I draw monsters and stuff all the time anyway? You bet your pointed hat it is. 

Like I said, lots of times these challenges will be combined, and I'll end up with a Halloween-themed ink drawing. This is a good way to cheat..uh, I mean save time and work more efficiently. Since it's a little shortcut, I'm also producing at least one video of my process for these every day on my YouTube channel. Usually just sped up so people don't have to hear me ramble on too much.

I'm at the beginning of these challenges at the moment, and confidence is high. Hopefully I can get some good things out of it, and feel part of an art community.